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Sterling and Justin Make A Wish Foundation
Sterling medical service dog

I wanted to thank you for our little angel Rio. He is by far the most AMAZING dog I have ever had the pleasure to be around, our family couldn't be more pleased with this little guy. We are soo thrilled with his calm temperament, quickness and willingness to learn, and of course his gorgeous looks. Besides melting my heart every time I look at him, he really does seem to get a lot of attention when we go out!  We are looking forward to many many years of adventures and snuggles with.


Love The Smith Family

Rio Puppy babysitting

Just to let you know that Jim and our son,daughter in law and grandson, love Angel. She is very content to just hang out with people. We have had no accidents so far as I noticed when I was at your place, she whines when she has to go. Also I appreciate you crate training her. She slept the whole night in the crate next to our bed without a peep. She was very relaxed in the crate. What a difference than having a puppy howl all night. Angel gets along well with the other dogs and is fitting into our household very well. She gets along great with the cat and doesnt bother her.


God Bless You, Dixie Nash


Zoey Standard Poodle 16 years old

   I have had dogs all my life, Bedlington terriers before Standard Poodles. I have had 4 Standards including a beautiful Can Ch and American Ch. from Dawin. I have a beautiful girl from Celebrity, Jayden who is so loving and affectionate. I am very impressed with the quality of Pamelas breeding both structurally, health, and temperament. I am hoping to co own a show prospect in the future!


 Warmest Regards,


Susan Morgan

Jayden Red Standard Poodle

 I have a brown girl named Princess Coco Chanel....she has beeen the best dog she is 12 now...I brought Electra home to her as a puppy and they are inseperable. At first Coco treated her like her baby, and very protective....

Electra is now protective of Coco, and I feel Electra has helped keep her young.


I have known Pamela before she had Poodles..And it is not surprising she takes the breeding and handling of her dogs so seriously.I enjoy play dates and letting Electra swim and chase ducks. 


Claudine Lytle 

Harlow With Claudine and red Fur

 I first met Pamela and her Sterling at a function I attended with my Ch English Mastiff...I was so impressed with her dog and his temperament...just exactly what a Standard Poodle should be.

 I have watched her improve her breeding quality taking every measure to assure the betterment of the breed.

Rasalas Sip'N Red Red Wine at Dragonlord  #1 Mastiff Bitch 2012


Best Regards,


Vala Richmond

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