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Standard Poodles are highly intelligent .........tied for top place with Border Collies. They are also highly trainable with a  high desire to please.

They are skilled and adaptable to Agility, obedience, tracking, water retrieving,field work, coursing, therapy/service work. 

Standard Poodles have a background of water retrieving....the classic show groom started based on protecting the joints from freezing water and allowing them to swim for retrieving fowl.

This groom has been wildly exaggerated in the show ring, giving the wrong impression to many people...these dogs are NOT WIMPS!!! Standards are extremely agile and fantastic athletes.

Alert,excellent protection without the concern of liability from dog does not rate them as a risk.


Standards are very intuitive and have a high desire to please....and typically strong bonding to their family.

Standards do NOT SHED, nor do they have any undercoat or have any scent..they do not have an oily coat. This makes them perfect for allergy sufferers or folks who just don't want hair everywhere.

There are a handful of breeders that were involved in bringing the red color into the Standard Poodle...

The major Kennels famous for Red/Apricot are:

Shangri-La Kennels

Majestic Kennels

Palmares Kennels

Leatherstocking Kennels

Color is important, and non fading has everything to do with what is behind these dogs.....This is Zoe. She is 13 yrs old, daugher

of Sterling, mu foundation you can see she is still very red. This photo was taken Feb 2019 during our snow storm.

Red Standard Poodle in the snow
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